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If you’re looking for the safest towing option we offer, then flatbed towing is exactly what you need. If you have an expensive luxury vehicle, exotic car, a heavy duty vehicle, or simply a car that cannot use a wheel lift for towing then yes flatbed is your best option. Flatbeds lift the vehicle off the ground to ensure objects on or off the road will not touch the vehicle. Most importantly if you own a 4-wheel drive or rear wheel drive vehicle then without a doubt you must use a flatbed for towing, or else you will destroy your transmission! It doesn’t make sense to hire a tow truck company that doesn’t offer a flatbed when needed, because you’ll end up having even worse car issues than you’re already dealing with. LAX Towing Services will be sure to ask you all the necessary questions to make sure we send you the correct tow truck, such as a flatbed.

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Reasons To Choose Flatbed Towing for Your Vehicle


There are situations where flatbed towing will come in handy that other towing methods will not be able to accomplish. If your vehicle is stuck in a parking structure, a tight spot near expensive cars, or your breaks are not unlocking then flatbed towing is your wisest choice. It is recommended to tell your phone operator every detail you can about your vehicles location so they will send out the right tow truck to help eliminate any loss in time. Since you are the only one who would know, it is wise to give as much detail as possible.



Your vehicle may need extra towing services such as roadside assistance. Within our roadside assistance we will repair flat tires, unlock vehicles, jump start car batteries, replace car batteries, winch out your vehicle from a tight situation, and much more. Be sure to visit our roadside assistance page to learn more or simply ask one of the phone operators or tow truck drivers.


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