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If you own a front wheel drive vehicle that isn't a 4-wheeler or all wheel drive then choosing the wheel lift tow truck will be an ideal choice. The way a wheel lift works is based off a metal yoke and hydraulic lift system. The yoke will fit snug underneath front or rear wheels to be towed. The hydraulic system will then lift the car off the ground from one end. It's similar to the hook and chain towing method. This method can be very convenient if the vehicle is stuck in a tight parking spot in which a flatbed will have a hard time accessing.  Our experienced tow truck drivers will be there with the wheel lift and know exactly what to do to ensure your vehicle is safe as well as yourself. In these types of situations it's not worth damaging such an expensive investment such as your vehicle. Instead simply leave it in the hands of our professionals to ensure its done exactly the way it should be.


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Car issues occur during the times when you REALLY don't need them to happen. This can be important meetings, family gatherings, or maybe on the way to your child's sports game. Nonetheless they are a major set back on time and money, so why not gain extra time and save money on towing? LAX Towing has a well known reputation for being very understand towards pricing as well as being on time. It's our firm belief that those two important factors are what separate great towing companies from the best towing companies. It's important to hire a reliable towing company who actually has a wheel lift for these types of towing jobs. We have all the required tow trucks for any tow job so as long as you let our phone operators know your current situation they will send out the right type of tow truck for the job.


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